Airborne Operation  

  82nd Signal Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division  

June 14, 1984

Fort Bragg & Pope Air Force Base, NC

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All Photos � by Howard C. Ohlhous

The All Americans
(SSG Quick, SGT John D. Mathews, SP4 Lilton Jones, Vagenski, & Baptista
01. Manifest Role Call
Ward & Butler
02. Roll Call
He's from Michigan
03. Sgt DeJesus
Standing around
04. In Formation
Sitting Around
05. Chute Up
Sgt Mathews; Sgt Airborne
06. Sgt Mathews
'Sitting By'
07. Standing(?) By
Finally: Some Action
08. Green Ramp
09. Green Ramp
10. Green Ramp
Who Are These Guys?
11. On Board
Sgt DeJesus
12. On Board
Inside the C-141B Starlifter
13. On Board
Death From Above
14. Airborne
Parachuteist Landing Fall
15. PLF
Equipment Accountability
16. Chute Turn In point
Devils In Baggy Pants.
17. Sicilly Drop Zone
It Wasn't Like in the Folgers Coffe Commercial
18. Assembly Area
The Bleachers
19. Assembly Area
Someone tell me who this guy is.
20. Assembly Area
Another Group Shot
21. Free Soda
Guys In My Platoon
22. Maldin & Ward
'Oh, yeah!'
23. Vagenski
Our Fearless Leader
24. SFC Otten
Inspection Time?
25. Camo Layout

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