Grenada 1983
  (A Military Vacation)  

November 26, 1983 - December 13, 1983

Salines - Grand Anse - Gouyave - St. George's


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All Photographs � by Howard C. Ohlhous

Just Arrived
01. Point Salinas Airstrip
Super Duper Para-Trooper
02. Point Salinas Airstrip
A Vista
03. Point Salinas
04. Duce & a Half
Army Heliport
05. Grand Anse Campus
Bullet Holes
06. Campus Building
07. Heliport
Chopper Ride
08. Grand Anse Beach
Helecopter Ride
09. From the Air
Capitol of Grenada
10. St. George's
US Forces
11. Navy Ship
Door Gunner
12. In the UH-60
Seaside Town
13. Road to Guoyave
The Super Highway
14. Guoyave
Cow Path Street
15. Jeep Ride
The Local Bank
16. Headquarters
Beautiful Shades of Rust
17. Bell Tower
Hilltop Hotel
18. Tommy
Our Banana Station
19. Hill Top Hotel
20. Banana Station
Dry Parking
21. Jeep Garage
Laundry Day?
22. Sun Dried
The Bridge
23. Road In
Our Radio
Wearing Gas Mask
25. Howard
Ladies with Macheties
26. Field Workers
View out the window
27. The Mountains
Cow Path Road
28. Jeep Ride
Parking Area
29. Gouyave
The Harbor
30. St. George's
A Huey Chopper
31. Heliport
Inside the Terminal
32. Salinas Airport
33. Salinas Airport
Guard Duty
34. MP Position
Gouyave in the Distance
35. Truck Ride
The Pavillion in the Park
36. LZ Vicki
Pool on Campus
37. R&R
Fireing Position on the Roof
38. R&R
The Beautiful Carribean
39. Tommy
St. George's in the Distance
40. Grand Anse Bay
In the Surf
41. Howard
Exersize Beach
42. Tommy
Vacation Spot
43. The Beach
At the Beach
44. Tommy
On Vacation
45. The Beach
From the Balcony
46. The Campus
On the Balcony
47. Tommy
To the Range
48. LZ Vicki
Our Radio
49. Tommy & TAC SAT
Awaiting the Chopper
50. LZ Vicki
Our Ride Outta Here
51. LZ Vicki
Where is It?
52. Where Is Grenada?
The Map
53. Grenada Map
Grand Anse & Salinas Map
54. Southern Peninsula
St. George's
55. St George's
News Clip
56. Invasion News Clip
Notes I Took
57. My Journal
Letter To Home
58. A Letter Home
Operation Review
59. Overview
Home For Christmas
60. Post Script
61. Dedication
All Americans
82nd Airborne
All Americans
82nd Sig Btn Crest
All Americans
Jump Wings
All Americans

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Ah,... The tropical Breeze!      The Flag of Grenada      The End of the Day

The Flag of Grenada